Prenatal Goddess Yoga Workshop Series with Brittany at Evolution Yoga

"Pregnancy offers a woman the opportunity to tap into and participate in the creative energy of the Universe." -Sue Elkind

Are you or someone you know expecting?

This Prenatal Goddess Yoga workshop series at Evolution Yoga (in Coconut Creek, FL.) will help you find strength and flexibility in your physical body to prepare for pregnancy and labor. Simultaneously, you will find strength in your mental body by centering your mind and focusing your breath to prepare for motherhood. These workshops will help you tap into your inner feminine wisdom and your Shakti Goddess nature.

This workshop series is for women who are planning a pregnancy, women who are already pregnant and anyone who would like to explore the gentle and feminine aspects of yoga. This workshop is also beneficial for yoga teachers who are interested in learning how to safely practice yoga throughout pregnancy by using props, the wall and creative modifications. Each class consists of physical asana practice, as well as other fun and unique ideas, sequences and exercises that you can take home with you. This workshop is designed for women, however men are warmly welcome to attend. All Levels Welcome!

Workshop #1- Saturday February 11th, 11:00am-12:45pm: Prana & Mantra

In addition to our physical asana (poses) practice, a consistent prenatal yoga practice should include pranayama (breathwork) and mantras (a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation). Pranayama and Mantras will cultivate a deeper sense of awareness to the natural rhythm of your body and will help you to connect closer to your baby. We open and close our practice with pranayama and chanting mantras in order to soothe the body, focus the mind and tap into the consciousness of baby and mama. With these yogic tools we connect two hearts and two breaths into one.

Workshop #2- Thursday February 16th, 7:00-8:45pm: Meet the Goddess': Shakti, Kali & Shri

When a woman can truly trust in herself, feel comfortable and content in her own body, even throughout pregnancy, then she will begin to seek the Great (Maha) Goddess within. When a woman connects more deeply to the power of her heart, mind and body, she will recognize this as a manifestation of the goddess named Shakti. Not only do we have the pleasure of knowing Shakti, we also have the company of the goddess' Kali and Shri, who naturally show up in our yoga practice, pregnancy, as well as childbirth experience. 

Workshop #3- Saturday February 18th, 11:00am-12:45pm: Meditating On the Goddess Within

In the last part of our workshop, students will learn ways to reduce stress and create a deeper connection with herself and baby through meditation and visualization. We will open our practice as we always do... with pranayama (breathwork) followed by a gentle physical practice, which will then take us into deep restorative poses that will be the atmosphere for our guided visualizations. This class focuses deeply on the practice of meditation as we journey into and out of the mind. 

~Attend a single workshop for $35 or attend all three for $90~

- Saturday February 11th, 11-12:45pm

- Thursday February 16th, 7-8:45pm

- Saturday February 18th, 11-12:45pm

Evolution Yoga: 6814 N. State Road 7, Coconut Creek, FL. 33073

To sign up directly visit:

Email or call 561-239-3294 with any questions or to sign up!